Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tuesday, July 15th

Today was fun, I ate food, learned a lot. My favorite part about today was the drumming because he has something new for us everyday & he takes time to make sure you understand the content. 

Monday, July 13th

Today was fun. I got to eat some really good food from qudoba and I got to learn more about public speaking. The instructor was very helpful I learned a lot more. I also did a demonstration test and it was pretty successful , I got good feedback on that.  

Sunday, July 12th

Today was a very relaxed day, I went swimming it was very fun with my friends here at camp. I got to sleep in, that felt really good and I got to wash my clothes. We had gear up Olympic and I won the hoola hoop contest for my team.  

Saturday, July 11th

Today we had FUSION. FUSION was really fun because it's something that I normally don't do. It was fun because I met new girls I didn't plan on talking to but they were really cool and funny. I hope to go back to GOD's pantry to do more community service. 

Friday, July 10

Today in most of my classes I had to give a little bit more about myself and get to know others a little more. Since we all are going to be here for three weeks I think that is very called for. 

Wednesday's adventures

Today I only had 3 core classes. My favorite was creativity and art of acting because the instructor is really funny. But after lunch I'm always very exauhsted from being up at 7 in the morning! Lol. I also got to see some really cool old music sheets in my special collections class. I wish we had a little bit more down time in the weekdays because they keep us really busy. Over all I learned a lot today and felt very successful .